Trulife Distribution Lawsuit: All Details About The Family Dispute and Controversy in The Medical Field

As we know, the medical field has grown rapidly in the past few decades, representing new technologies and trends. People are also more conscious and careful about their health and well-being.  Here is an estimate that in 2026, the health industry will grow more and generate almost $200 billion only in the USA.

We use organic products, new gadgets, and herbal medicines to maintain our health and physics. In this scenario, many companies tried to produce such products, but Trulife Distribution and Nutritional Products International (NPI) gained fame and name in the medical sector. These companies provide a lot of herbal, organic, and daily-used items to retailers and up-growing businesses. They have collectively produced over 100 items in the market and delivered them to the stores.

However, Trulife Distribution and Nutritional Products International (NPI) are the top companies that have participated heavily in the medical sector. In the medical industry, these companies provide end-to-end services and navigate the newcomers, helping them stand out in the market.

Brian Gould founded Trulife Distribution in 2019, while Mitch Gould, Brian’s father, founded the NPI in 2008. Brian Gould has over 25 years of experience in the medical field. He has supplied many products like dietary products, natural and herbal supplements, and day-to-day used items in the market. They have also worked with famous firms like OmegaKrill, Sovereign Laboratories, and SweetLeaf Stevia.

NPI’s founder, Mitch Gould, has 30 years of experience and has helped over 100 brands in the medical sector, including Muscle Milk. Both companies work almost on the same products and try to contribute to public health and well-being in daily life.

In this blog, we will discuss the allegations, background, solutions, and future impacts of the Trulife Distribution Lawsuit on society and both families. This lawsuit is a feud between father and son, and the controversy revolves around the messy drama in the family.

Allegations and Claims in Trulife Distribution Lawsuit

This lawsuit is an open controversy between two families with business links. NPI filed this case against Trulife and was accused of deceptive information and false statements. The main allegations and claims are shortly discussed here.

Deceptive Information

NPI says that Trulife used case studies and success stories from NPI’s website to show its success. They also show some wrong figures and deceive the clients by showing partnerships with different brands.

False Statements

NPI further accused Trulife Distribution of providing misleading and deceptive representations to fool its clients. Although the particular assertions were not made public, they most likely focused on covering TruLife Distribution’s achievements and skills.

Wrong and Confusing Business Practice

Another allegation from NPI concerns the wrong and confusing business practices. These include strategies such as generating email addresses identical to those used by NPI personnel, which can misled the clients and broken communication methods.

Misleading Endorsements

According to NPI, Trulife used bogus endorsements from celebrities such as Jenna Jameson and media outlets like Newsmax TV to promote itself as reliable and competent.

False Client Success Stories

NPI also claims that Trulife has stolen the success stories of its clients and uploaded them to its website to claim as its own.

Response from Trulife to The Allegations

Trulife strongly denies all the allegations and claims against it and all the wrong business practices. Here are some key factors that show Trulife’s innocence.

  • Trulife claims to be an independent firm founded by Brian Gould that works responsibly and lawfully in the sector.
  • Instead of having a factual foundation, Trulife claims that NPI’s case was inspired by anti-competitive intentions. NPI is allegedly trying to damage TruLife’s reputation in the market.
  • They also admit that the data uploaded on the website was mistakenly posted. It was not intentional, but mistakenly, it was a glitch in the system. Some IT programs were hacked, misused, and errored, such as wrong email addresses and some clients’ success stories.
  • Trulife says the accusations against it are baseless and denies using any of NPI’s exclusive information. They claim that NPI has not provided proof to support the allegations of wrongdoing.

The Actual Status of This Lawsuit

NPI filed the Trulife lawsuit on May 4, 2022, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida under Case No. 0:22-cv-60943. Judge Raag Singhal has been assigned to supervise the proceedings.

Here is The Summary

  • June 2022: TruLife moved to dismiss the claim, asserting a lack of personal jurisdiction. The petition is pending.
  • July 2022: The court held a scheduling meeting to establish investigative schedules.
  • August 2022: NPI filed an appeal to compel discovery due to differences with TruLife’s answer. The judge decided partially in NPI’s favor.
  • September 2022: Trulife put defamation and tortious interference lawsuits against NPI.
  • November 2022: TruLife filed an anti-SLAPP motion against NPI’s lawsuit, alleging that it infringed their free expression rights. However, the judge dismissed this motion.

Impacts of The Lawsuit on Society and Families

Due to their uncertainty about TruLife’s future, stakeholders, including investors and partners, are affected. They fear that this unclear scenario will negatively impact them financially, and people may also begin to have doubts about the brand. Partnerships may also have wrong impacts due to possible price raises and stock fluctuations. This lawsuit may also negatively impact families because it is primarily a feud between father and son. Even though we don’t know how the lawsuit will turn out, one thing is clear: it is a reminder to practice business responsibly. For TruLife Distribution, we will have to wait and see how this legal battle unfolds over the coming months.


Summarizing all the above, we can say that as the case proceeds, all eyes are focused on the resolution and ramifications of the Trulife Distribution lawsuit. This case emphasizes the importance of companies working with honesty, compliance, and decency as their purpose for the health and wellness sector. Even so, growth objectives can be ambitious and competitive.

Establishing genuine and open connections with customers is essential to the long-term success of businesses in this sector. This conflict between an optimistic son and a revolutionary father also reminds us of the value of family ties and moral principles. In the end, fixing these damaged relationships can be more important than any short-term legal win or monetary settlement of the disputes.


Who is the Trulife Distribution?

Trulife Distribution is a medical company that uses innovative and modern technologies to provide various herbal, organic, and daily-use products.

Who files the lawsuit against Trulife?

NPI (Nutritional Products International) filed a lawsuit against Trulife.

What are the allegations behind this lawsuit?

Some key factors in allegations are misconduct, false statements, wrong email addresses, and false representations of success stories.

How can his lawsuit disturb the medical field?

This lawsuit can have long-term impacts on the industry. People can hesitate to buy herbal products and the manufacturers of this company. Also, the stakeholders will not trust these companies in the future.

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