Total Health Institute Lawsuit Complaints: What You Should Know

Every human’s essential and primary need is seeking good health and careful treatment with perfect diagnostics. Everyone has the right to get reasonable and ideal treatment for any disease or discomfort. When discussing Total Health Institute, a satisfactory image with protocol comes to mind, where you can get a suitable treatment for your illness according to the symptoms.

THI aims to provide privileged treatment under professional and trained medical staff.  However, negative and positive reviews are on the gossip line for this medical institute. Moreover, the purpose and mission behind this medical institute are very holistic. Total Health Institute Lawsuit Complaints details with allegations, complaints, and the company’s response are discussed here briefly.

History of Total Health Institute, its Purpose and Mission

Total Health Institute is a wellness center founded by Dr. Keith Nemec. It holistically focuses on overall health and well-being. This medical center aims to provide total health awareness in Wheaton, Illinois. Instead of working on symptoms, it will discuss all the causes and roots behind the illness. Many health programs, such as stress management and diet control programs, and other therapies, like dentistry and homeopathy, are provided here.

The primary purpose of this health center is to provide a comfortable environment with appropriate examinations and medications. Likewise, many of the patients who received treatment here were satisfied and happy, and they said that they were treated with a mindset that approached overall health, including body, mind, and spirituality.

Total Health Institute Lawsuit Complaints

Background of Health Institute Lawsuit Complaints

Despite being a comprehensive and convenient health center, this medical center also faces criticism. Many complaints about this institute are common, and some of the most common complaints are shortlisted here.

Expensive Treatment

The primary complaint is the costly treatment here. Many patients complain about their financial concerns, saying that while the treatments are very effective and convenient, they cost a lot and are probably not affordable for everyone.

Treatment Efficacy

Another complaint about this institute is the effectiveness of the treatment. Providing overall health and well-being does not work effectively for every patient. Moreover, some patients complain that they didn’t see any or less improvement after the treatment.

Customer Service Center Issues

Another widespread complaint is poor customer service. Many patients claim they struggle to get appointments, reports, and treatments and blame the customer service center’s long wait for a response.

Allegations Against The Health Institute

THI is also facing a court lawsuit along with the abovementioned complaints. Besides that, some allegations and accusations against them are discussed here briefly.

1. Frauds and Misleading Claims

THI is accused of fraud and misleading claims for the effectiveness of its medicine and overall health medication procedure.

2. Unlicensed Medical Staff

2ndly, an allegation is also at the forefront, which shows that this health center is working with unlicensed medical practitioners and uneducated staff.

3. Wrong Medications

Another allegation shows the wrong medicines and false treatment reports. Patients blamed that they were treated wrongly with false medications, and the reports were also not correct.

Response of health institute towards the claims and accusations

Total Health Institute responded promptly to this lawsuit and all the allegations claimed. Primarily, they denied all the accusations of this case’s patients and defendants. However, there has been an intense change in the operational structure of THI. Some possible reactions may be like these:

  • To defend itself in court and to defend its policies, THI may hire legal counsel to fight litigation and legal disputes.
  • If a client files a complaint, THI may try to resolve the matter peacefully by speaking with the parties directly and providing credits, discounts, or other services.
  • THI may revise its policies, processes, or practices in response to legal disputes or regulatory inspections to legal disputes or regulatory inspections to guarantee adherence to pertinent laws and regulations.

Total Health Institute has taken proactive actions to address the complaints and concerns that have been claimed against it. One of the most crucial steps taken is to perform a thorough internal investigation into each complaint to determine the core causes and areas for improvement. Through this process, Total Health Institute has pinpointed areas of weakness in its operations and services, resulting in focused actions meant to improve overall client satisfaction.


In summary, we can say that a proper diagnosis with suitable medication is every human being’s fundamental right. Everyone wants to get treatment for their illness with attention and in a comfortable environment. Total Health Institute was established to fulfill patients’ primary needs, where they can get proper treatment at an affordable price under a professional medical team.

However, this medical center is thriving in its aims and goals. Somehow, some negative reviews about this institute are on the frontline and are causing complaints about the Total Health Institute lawsuit. Some significant changes in the operational structure of THI are encouraging, but the court’s final order will decide the outcome of this lawsuit.


What is the Total Health Institute?

Total Health Institute is a medical center where patients are treated using an overall health approach instead of typical medication based on symptoms.

Who is the founder of this institute?

Dr Keith Nemec is the founder of this institute in Illinois.

What is the mission of THI?

The primary goal and mission of this medical center are to provide holistic care with proper diagnosis and medication.

What are the complaints patients recorded?

Some common complaints are unaffordable charges, ineffective medication, and non-serious responses from the customer service center.

What are the main allegations THI is facing?

THI is facing many allegations in court. Some of them are false medication reports, uneducated and non-professional staff, and poor efficacy of treatment.

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