How to settle a lawsuit with Patenaude and Felix?: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you worried about your unpaid debts and receiving calls from Patenaude and Felix? There is no need to worry more because this blog will guide you step by step through the settlement process with Patenaude and Felix (debt collectors). 

In the USA, many people take out debt from credit companies to fulfill their needs. These creditor companies legally work in the state under the state’s rules and regulations. Sometimes, the debtors forget to repay the loan or cannot pay it. In this situation, the creditors involve a third party to repay their debts. So, these debt collectors contact the debt holders for recovery.

However, these third-party debt collectors try to collect the debt in their way and can sue a lawsuit against the debt holders. In this article, we will guide you “how to settle a lawsuit with Patenaude and Felix” if you face any legal issues regarding your unpaid debts.

Who are Patenaude and Felix?

Patenaude and Felix is a debt collector firm working in the USA under license from the Home Office. They work in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. This firm was established in 1991, prosecuting and collecting debts in these seven states. They are working with more than 500 companies and successfully collected the debt from debtors. If you live in California or the states mentioned above and owe some debt, you will hear from them soon.

How can i settle a lawsuit with Patenaude and Felix?

Suppose you receive calls or emails from Patenaude and Felix for your unpaid debts and are worried about how to handle this situation. You must follow these initiatives to settle the lawsuit or any legal dispute with this firm.

Hire a professional lawyer.

Whether you are charged with a lawsuit from Patenaude firm or just received calls from them, you need a legal advisor who can handle the matter perfectly. A professional lawyer can give better advice regarding debt lawsuits. Moreover, a skilled solicitor can tackle all the hurdles and weigh your case in court. He can deeply observe your case’s strong and weak points and represent you in court more strongly.

Try to negotiate with the firm.

If you don’t want to hire a lawyer, you can settle your debt case with Patenaude alone. You can try to negotiate your debt and pay the minimum of the total loan. Furthermore, many debt-collecting firms purchase the original debt from the creditors at the lowest price and collect the whole amount for their firm or agency. In such cases, many debtors try to negotiate with these agencies. You can also try it.

Pay the full debt

You have two options when you receive calls or emails from debt-collecting agencies. The first is to pay the debt, and the second is to face a legal dispute if they cannot pay. But here is the suggestion: You must pay the total debt if you can afford it. This will increase your credit score on your credit sheet. Moreover, you can also gain the facility of needed loans in the future. The creditors can trust you again in the future and can fulfill your financial needs.

File bankruptcy

You can also take a risky step to survive: filing for bankruptcy. You can do so if you cannot pay the loan or negotiate the return amount. The debt collectors will immediately stop contacting you when you file bankruptcy. This is a very risky step because you will not be able to apply for a loan in the future, and your scores on the credit sheet will decrease. So, if you are thinking about this step, meet with a professional lawyer to guide you better.

File a lawsuit against the firm if they abuse

Additionally, you can also file a lawsuit against the debtors if you face any abuse from them. You can stop them from contacting you by filing a case if these collecting firms aggressively try to collect the debt. Moreover, if they call you too early in the morning or too late in the night, it’s also called abusive behavior. You can stop them by filing a lawsuit.

The possible difficulties/dangers in negotiating with debt collectors

When you try to negotiate with debt-collecting firms, make sure you can handle the negotiating process carefully. Out-of-court settlements sometimes become risky because both parties must settle on a possible amount. You can also try to negotiate the repayment time frame. However, if you are unsuccessful in negotiating, you may face some difficulties, like low credit scores on your credit sheet. You may also face another charge of the out-of-court settlement. So, you must consult a professional lawyer to negotiate with these firms.

Your rights against the debt collectors

Debt-collecting firms always try to collect debt on their own. They try all possible ways to handle the matter. Additionally, they can sue for debt in the court. But it does not mean you have no right against their bad and aggressive behavior. All these firms work under a license from the Home Office and obey all the rules and regulations the Home Ministry implements. When any debt collecting agency contacts you to repay the debt, you have these rights.

  • You can check your debts, documents, and files.
  • If you have no debt, you can file a lawsuit against the firm for deceiving.
  • You can also check the expiry of pending debt and the conditions. Sometimes, your debt repayment has expired, but these firms try to collect them.
  • No collecting firm can contact you with more than three calls per week and cannot come to your doorstep for collection.
  • If any representative of these firms tries to harass you in any action, you can complain against him.

Patenaude and Felix are responsible for providing you with the correct information about the debt. They must inform you about the lawsuit within 30 days of the legal dispute. Moreover, all this information must include your debt’s right amount, due date, and the conditions on which the debt was provided. Additionally, they must provide the creditor’s name and address along with the debtor’s complete bio.


To summarize the above, we can say that debt-collecting firms work legally in the USA. They work under the license and proper guidelines from the Home Office. In this blog, you can find all the details about “how to settle the lawsuit with Patenaude and Felix?”. You can handle all the matters carefully with the guidance of a professional lawyer. You can also try to negotiate with them carefully. Moreover, you can try to negotiate the time frame and the return amount.


What should I do if I face a lawsuit for my debt?

If you have pending debt, you must pay the debt to the creditors or the collecting firms.

Can debt collectors sue a lawsuit?

Yes, the debt-collecting firms in the USA work under the Home Office license. They have the right to sue if you are unwilling to pay.

How may my credit sheet scores fall if I don’t pay the debt?

Your credit sheet score will fall automatically if you don’t pay the pending debt. Moreover, you will not get any financial help or loans again.

Can I sue a lawsuit against Patenaude Felix?

You can sue a lawsuit against them if they are harassing or abusing you. Furthermore, if they try to collect the debt aggressively, you can file a lawsuit against them.

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