Gurstel Law Firm, a Well-Reputed Debt-Collecting Agency

In the USA, debt collectors are legitimate and official companies that represent banks, small businesses, and enterprises. The Gurstel law firm is one of them and is famous for its work, procedures, results, and reputation in all these companies. It’s a debt collector agency that works under the state and helps creditors recover consumer loans and debts. This law firm was established in 1997, aiming high in the collection industry in the USA. Todd Gurstel, the founder of this law firm, was a famous lawyer who led the creditor’s rights and tried to make a recovery for the unpaid businesses.

As a debt collector firm, this law firm has its strategies and plans for recovery. Many banks and bureaus sell their debt to collection agencies, and after that, these agencies contact the consumers to collect the debt directly. They can call or contact by letter through email; in certain cases, they contact personally if the debt holder doesn’t respond.

Most people don’t know the debt on their credit sheet, and their score ranks down due to the unpayable debt. No one wants a debt hanging over their head that can affect their credit score. In this situation, you can get a panic attack if you receive a call or letter from a debt collector’s firm. Remember that if you have a debt from any bank or company in the USA, the collector agencies have the right to recover it.

How does the Gurstel Law Firm work?

Unlike traditional law firms and collector agencies, the Gurstel Law Firm works effectively and conveniently in the state. Its procedure for recovery is so simple and effective. They try to collect the maximum money of the creditors from consumers. They mainly use these three ways to collect unpaid debt. 1stly, they collect accurate consumer data and contact them through calls and emails. If they don’t get a response, they try to contact that specific customer personally. If all these actions fail to collect the money, they will finally sue in a court case and aggressively collect the unpaid debt.

What is the seven by seven (7/7) rule?

Seven by seven is a rule obeyed in all states of the USA. According to this rule, no collecting agency can contact a debt holder more than seven times in seven consecutive days. No law firm can use abusive language, and no one can threaten the consumers. The rules also state that no agency can sue the consumer in court if he has already filed an answer with the debt collecting agency.

Settlement with the debt collectors or negotiating debt settlement

Before calling or sending notifications to the consumers, this law firm does practical work behind it. They contact the creditors and try to make a settlement with debtors. You can pay the creditors directly and the Gurstel law firm if they try to make a settlement. If you are paying this debt collector firm, you can negotiate with them if the collecting firm has already bought your debt from the creditors. Collecting firms often buy the debt at a minimum price and try to recover the maximum money from the debtors. So, the debtors can benefit from a negotiated settlement with collectors.

How can the Gurstel Law Firm stop calling or contacting you?

Here is a step-by-step guide to stop this debt-collecting firm from contacting you.

  1. Ask for proof that the debt is yours
  2. If there is any mistake in your data, for example, your incorrect debt amount or outdated debt validation
  3. You have no enough resources to pay the debt
  4. You already filed the answer to the debt collectors
  5. If the debt is not legitimate
  6. Your credit chart report is incorrect

Can the collector agencies garnish your wages or freeze your bank account?

You may face a court case if you do not pay your debt to creditors or collection agencies. Before going to court, the creditors inform you and start a lawsuit against you.

If the creditors win the lawsuit against you, they can request the court to freeze your bank account or garnish your wages. Mostly, the court orders a 25% wage garnishment. In some cases, it can be equal to your weekly wages. Without a court order, no collecting firm can freeze or threaten your bank account. Sometimes, your debt falls out of your credit sheet after seven years. Remember, you can escape if your debt validation crosses the seven-year limit.


To summarize the discussion, the debt collectors in the USA work for creditors to recover their debt. They stand with the loan provider and try to recover the debt from consumers. This law firm is legitimate. It’s not a scam or fraud. If you receive a call or letter from this collection agency, be aware because they work with all the proofs in hand and will try hard to make you pay back the debt. This agency/firm was established in 1997 to minimize the loss of creditors and pay back their loans from debtors. They can sue you if you refuse to pay the debt and can request the court to freeze all your bank accounts and garnish your wages.


What is the Gurstel Law firm, and how does it work?

The Gurstel Law Firm is a collecting agency in the USA that works for creditors to recover their loans.

When was Gurstel Law Firm established, and who was its founder?

This firm was established in 1997, and Todd Gurstel, a famous and skilled lawyer who always advocates for the creditor’s rights, was its founder.

If you are not paying your debt, what can happen?

You can face a court case and wage garnishment if you do not pay your debts.

What are the Gurstel law firm’s payment methods?

You can pay your debt directly to this collecting agency through bank transfers, credit cards, and drafts.

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