C.W. Park USC Lawsuit: A Shameful Truth of The Academic Institutes

As we know, educational institutes and universities are accused of sexual harassment these days. Many students became victims of university professors and senior students. However, some cases came in highlights, many knuckle under the sand. Recently, another harassment case has come to light in the media.

The University of Southern California students have filed a lawsuit against a famous and able professor, Chong Won Park. He was a former dean at this university. Students accused him of sexual harassment and physical advancement. Keep reading to learn more about this lawsuit’s details and hidden facts. In this blog, you will find information about this lawsuit, background, allegations, and the current status of this considerable controversy.

Who is C.W. Park?

Chong Won Park was a prominent Korean-American accounting professor at USC’s Marshall School of Business. he was appointed a professor in 1997. After that, in 2001, he was promoted to director of the Global Branding Center. Throughout his career, he was very popular among the students for his concern for his study patterns and focus on the students’ careers.

Moreover, after 30 years of excellence, his position was ranked as the Dean at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Although, he was responsible for all the academic regulations, admissions, results, and the faculty. He retired in 2021 but with severe allegations against him.

Background of this lawsuit

The lawsuit against Professor W.C. Park has become an intense point of attention on social media. Students and their parents feel insecure at university because of non-transparency in investigations. W.C. Park worked at the university for almost 30 years.

He has had a significant influence and impression on the university. However, this lawsuit sheds light on the secret and hidden harassment cases in the university.  In 2021, a former student of USC filed a harassment case against the professor. She accused him of sexual harassment and assault over three years. Furthermore, this case became more evident after more evidence and victims.

However, the university is under tremendous pressure to conduct a fair and transparent investigation. Students use social media power to get justice and protection for the university’s students. Furthermore, the professor is also under pressure because this lawsuit leaves spots in his career.

Allegations and claims against C.W. Park

This lawsuit against the university professor has very severe and intense allegations and claims. Some of them are as follows.

Sexual harassment

Yi Youn Kim, a Korean American lady, is the plaintiff in this case. USC employed her in August 2016 as C.W. Park’s student assistant. Kim claims that after a few months of her job, Park began approaching her with attempts on a sexual level. According to her, the professor even told her he could not control himself around her. In addition, Kim’s lawsuit alleges that Park harassed her sexually and made multiple advancements while she worked for him. Kim officially complained to the university in October 2020, leading to an internal inquiry by the institution.

Physical and behavioural abuse

Park was accused of sexual harassment by multiple Korean women who came forward throughout this investigative process. They asserted that throughout their collaboration with Park at the institution, he made approaches towards them in a sexual manner. C.W. Park is described as a “serial sexual predator” in the lawsuit. Even though Park faced multiple serious accusations, Kim’s attorney, Jane Reiley, claims that USC never provided transparency regarding the inquiry process.

Academic misconduct

In addition to the charge of sexual harassment, Park faces accusations of academic misconduct. The lawsuit claims that he has altered many academic records and is involved in inconsistent actions with assessment procedures for academic papers.

To put it briefly, Park was charged with ethical violence on university property. In addition to irritating students and the educational community, these alarming accusations against the professor have also caused a massive disturbance on social media.

Response of the university and C.W. Park to this lawsuit

As we know, this lawsuit has gained the attention of authorities and the educational faculty. However, the allegations of this case are very shocking. Parents are also shocked and confused about whether to trust the academic institutes and the teachers. Moreover, the teachers and professors also feel embarrassed by this shameful case. Their respect and reputation are also in danger.

However, we must look at the other side of the coin. Sometimes, things are not the same as they are described. Have a look at Professor Park’s response to this case. He denied all the claims and the allegations. He explains his loyalty to the university and the student’s career.

Furthermore, he said someone is jealous of this vast career expanding over 30 years. Additionally, his reputation and respect are at danger, and this case is a black spot in his career. Despite this, he didn’t utter a word for his innocence.

Including this, the university’s response towards this lawsuit is not clear. The management didn’t inquire about the matter with transparency. The university tried to cover the whole matter and avoid a fair investigation against the professor. Moreover, the professor’s sudden retirement raises many doubts and questions about this lawsuit.

Impact of this lawsuit on educational institutes

This lawsuit has raised a lot of doubts and questions in the society. The authorities deeply observe all the case proceedings. However, this case will have profound impacts on the educational system. The authorities in the academic sector have to observe and control the shameful activities in the institutions.

Moreover, the protection of students and faculty must be at the top. However, the parents and the students want security assurance for their careers. Moreover, the shameful acts from the teachers’ side are also alarming signs for the students’ security. Parents will hesitate to send their young ones to educational institutes for higher studies.

Current status of this controversial case

The legal proceedings of this case are ongoing, but no clear decision has been made yet. Moreover, the reaction from the university doubts the innocence of Professor Park. Both parties are trying hard to prove themselves. However, the complexities of this case are like significant hurdles. The social media highlights the case for justice; the authorities and the educational department are keenly waiting for the final decision.


Summarizing the above, the C.W. Park USC Lawsuit is shameful in the educational sector. It’s time to revise the security structure in all academic institutes. The final decision for this case is unclear yet, but we hope to see justice for the victims. Moreover, the guilty must get enough punishment so that anyone else cannot even think of such a reckless act in the future.


Who is C.W. Park?

He was a former professor of accounting at USC, and he worked here for almost 30 years.

What is the background of this lawsuit?

This lawsuit revolved around sexual harassment in educational institutes.

What are the central allegations of this lawsuit?

Some allegations of this case are sexual harassment, academic misconduct, and ethical abuse.

How can we protect the students and the staff in the academic institutes?

Some strict rules and regulations must be implemented in the academic centers. Also, some severe punishments should be given to the guilty to avoid such shameful acts in the future.

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