Amy Witherite Attorney: A Symbol of Professionalism

A brief introduction of attorney Amy Witherite

Amy Witherite Attorney, professional lawyer, and successful businesswoman, was born in Texas in August 1996. She is an eminent attorney in Dallas with a career spanning over twenty years. Amy was an outstanding athlete for women’s top 10 swimming programs in her college.

She obtained her psychology undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas. Her next stop was Texas Tech University, where she completed her legal studies and earned a degree. After her Juris Doctor degree, she started law practice at an old and well-known law firm in Texas in 1993. Two years later, she moved to an insurance law firm where she learned defensive insurance’s defense strategies and procedures. She utilized all her practices and changed the insurance defensive tactics to defend injury cases.

Her legal expertise is focused on injury cases, a field where she has excelled. Her dedication and skill have earned her the title of a “Texas Super Lawyer” among Texas’s 50 best women lawyers. She has served numerous jurisdictions in Texas, Colorado, and Georgia, advocating for individuals suffering from car or truck accidents. Her courtroom prowess and strategic defense have consistently resulted in successful client compensation, a testament to her commitment to justice.

Witherite law group

As an eminent injury attorney, Amy Witherite represented injured people in all categories, including motor car or truck accidents, fall-slip injuries, dog bite injuries, and wrongdoing death cases. Her expertise and dedication were recognized when she became a partner at the Eberstien Witherite law firm in 2001.

After serving the people for almost two decades, she took a bold step and rebranded the company as Witherite Law Group in 2020. This action demonstrated her leadership, business knowledge, and dedication to providing her customers with the best legal services possible. With a team of skilled and professional attorneys, she restricted all her crew to serve the affected person with great passion and personalization.

Her law firm has offices throughout the state of Texas, Fort Worth, and Huston, where her passionate team members serve injured people with keen attention.

Due to her dedication and efforts for his law firm, Witherite Law Group was awarded many recognitions, such as Best Law Firm in the U.S. News & Reports reporting list and the Best Litigator Award for handling injury cases so sincerely and excellently. The head office of Amy Witherite attorney is located in Dallas.

Awards She won in her Career

Amy won a lot of awards in her career, like

  • Best Lawyer” in D Magazine in Dallas
  • She was named in the top 100 trial lawyers
  • Also, she won the award of the best lawyer in the Texas Monthly Magazine
  • She was honored as “Top One Percent” by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel
  • As an elite lawyer, she is a member of Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Firm

Amy’s Specialized area of advocacy

Vehicle Accident:

We represent people injured in auto accidents, as well as their families. From mild fractures and strains to severe injuries like paralysis and quadriplegia, we assist people with all types of conditions.

Personal injuries:

We cover many clients who have been hurt without any fault of their own. These lawsuits involve product liability claims against producers of hazardous pharmaceuticals and poorly engineered automobiles.

Truck accidents:

We represent people who have suffered injuries at the hands of operators of 18-wheelers, dump trucks, and other commercial vehicles, such as delivery trucks for food and beverages. This industry lacks highly certified drivers; many are unskilled or overworked. Multiple state and federal rules control the trucking sector. Sadly, violation of those restrictions often results in the lives of innocent drivers at risk.

Wrongful Death Cases:

We defend families who have lost loved ones due to other people’s carelessness. This includes legal action against companies that produce harmful medications, faulty automobiles, and other goods like industrial machinery and heaters. We also advocate for families who have lost loved ones due to medical malpractice, negligence in nursing facilities, trucking accidents, and auto accidents.

Amy’s Witherite Net Worth

As a seasoned injury solicitor, she earned a big name in the law sectors throughout Texas and Dallas. Amy is a well-known lawyer and successful businesswoman; her net worth is (approximately) $10 million. Her distinguished career in injury cases makes her a rock star in the litigation sector. You can contact the Witherite Group of Law if you suffer from any injury like auto-wrecking, fall-slip, or ankle-bite injury. Her exclusive team members will help you in getting compensation and liabilities. Amy Witherite Law firm has earned immense fame for its outstanding performance and outcomes for affected persons.

Witherite Law Group Dallas

Witherite Law Group in Dallas is an excellent achievement for this lady who devoted her whole career to supporting and assisting accidentally injured people. As the owner of a branded firm, her awards are an absolute indication of her restless efforts and passion for justice and equity.


Summarizing all the above discussion, we conclude that Amy Witherite is a professional attorney in Texas and Dallas. Owing to her brand of Witherite Group of Law, she represents injury cases in a classified way that everyone appreciates. She was listed among the top 50 attorneys in Texas and has received numerous honors for her legal firm. Moreover, She also earned the title of Super Lawyer in D Magazine, Texas. You can contact her if you face any injury cases like car accidents, fall-slip injuries, or dog bite injuries. She will handle your case delicately and assure you of compensation or liability if needed.


Who is Amy Witherite?

She is a prominent lawyer in Texas and handles all types of injury cases.

Where is the head office of Witherite Law Group?

The head office of Witherite Law Group is located in Dallas.

For how many years has she been serving the injured cases?

She has been serving in accident injury cases for more than two decades.

When did she own her own law firm brand?

She started her own Group of Law in 2020. Before that, she was a co-founder at the law firm Eberstien Witherite in 2001.

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